JOIA gave an interview to Lisbon a love affair, a tour project aiming to highlight and talk about people of Lisbon, “to make known the wonders of the city of Lisbon, and Portugal, with the right balance between passion, discovery and knowledge of the various destinations”. 

Vital Lordelo and Julia Da Costa talked about their personal work, and the Platform of Art JOIA. (Photo from Alex Paganelli)

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JOIA – GOLDSMITHERY OF FEELINGS is a platform of arts in Lisbon articulating, promoting and merchandising art and illustration of visual artists. Indeed Joia has artists, illustrators and designers, the platform was created by Vital Lordelo Neto and Julia Da Costa,  in charge since the 21st of March, 2019.

The platform connects visual artists to promote art collectively, JOIA is a tool of an artist and for the artists. Our aim is to valut the artist and its creative and authorial individualy.

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Do you want to know more about the artist behind the art ? and Do you want to understand our artists’ process ? Do you want to discover the artists of the Platform of Arts Joia ?

The Platform of Arts JoiaOurivesaria de Sentimentos has on its walls has 50 artists from eleven different countries (Portugal, Brazil, Italy, France, England, Spain, USA, China, Germany, Poland, Lithuania). So here you can read more about the artists, about their work and inspirations. You can have a look at their portfolio in our shop, don’t forget to check ! And You will also find their instagram in their Profile. Go to our shop to purchase an art for your House ! Follow us Instagram !

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