Constança aka c’marie (b.1992) is a portuguese visual artist.
She wanted to be a biologist, astronaut and neurosurgeon, broke her head four
times (until she was 5!) and constantly asked her mother when she had to go to
the doctor to get vaccines. She draws as long as she can remember, with a
special affection for paper towels in restaurants. The mother still has these

She graduated in Sculpture from FBAUL, was part of the Erasmus in Sculpture
program at the Accademia di Belle Arti, Florence and has a master degree in Fine
Arts from ESAD.CR. She studied Lyrical Singing at the Artistic School of Music
at the National Conservatory.

c’marie is a kind of free spirit, almost independent, that captures the essence
of expressions and gestures, trying to give shape to her own voice. She uses
different media to express herself, alternating between sculpture, drawing,
watercolor and acrylic painting, mural painting and more recently, digital
painting.When asked about the nature of her drawings, she says that she sees
them as an introspection, a sensitive but awake and conscious state – as when
no one looks at us, when we are seated on the subway bench, lost in ourselves,
in our distant ramblings – then our naked selves, more raw, sincere and real,

Find her work here


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