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JOIA – GOLDSMITHERY OF FEELINGS is an artistic platform in Lisbon articulating, promoting and merchandising art and illustration of visual artists. Indeed Joia has artists, illustrators and designers, the platform was created by Vital Lordelo Neto,  in charge since the 21st of March, 2019. 

The platform connects visual artists to promote art collectively, JOIA is a tool of an artist and for an artist. Our aim is to value the artist and its creative and authorial individuality. 


We decided to have a commission of 35% on each sale (most of the art galleries keep 50% or more of each sale, so sometimes the artist earns less than the half of the price of their art ! ), in order to finance the costs of envelopes, packing furniture, exhibition organization… The space aims to encourage the artistic creation and to support the artists grow. Our official language is English because lots of our artists are immigrants, living in Portugal. Further

When you buy from us, you are supporting the artists’ works, you are helping us to fight against the idea that art is a precarious profession. To be an artist is not to be dreamy or sensitive. To be an artist is to be a hard worker. Everyone needs art to live. The Joia platform seeks to give back its value to the function of artist. The profession of artist should not be precarious. It is the lack of consideration of this work that makes this profession precarious and hard to live from.

Don’t forget that spending your money is a political act. Indeed, when you buy a product, whatever it is, you support the entire system that it represents. You make a decision in a small scale. That’s why buying from emerging artist is important. You decide to invest in someone’s dreams, someone’s future. You give value and power to the artist.


Unfortunately, due to the Pandemic we closed our first local on Rua Poiais São Bento, 54 in March, 1st 2020, almost one year after the first Opening.

Former Gallery
Former Gallery


Today, we’re happy to open our new doors, Rua Triangulo Vermelho, 15A ! We’re back in town, with our artists in a two-floors space. Our little corredor came to an end, and turned into a bigger gallery, an atelier and a tattoo studio. Book a visit with us !

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