She is Italian, having lived in Lisbon, Portugal since 2007 it is now the place that she calls home.
While studying a degree in Philosophy she fell in love with Africa, and in 2001 she decided to dedicate her professional career to African Studies.

Between 2005 and 2007 she lived in Maputo, Mozambique, where she worked as volunteer in International Cooperation.
In 2007 she left Maputo and moved to Lisbon, completing a PhD in Anthropology in 2013, with a dissertation on healing practices among Zion churches in Maputo, Mozambique (reference:

she have drawn and painted throughout her life, since childhood.

In recent years, she has had the opportunity to exhibit her work in Portugal, Spain and Italy, working on the memory of Place and urban landscapes, as anthropology has always influenced her illustrations.
She have also drawn on her personal ethnographic data collected in Maputo (Mozambique), following the current of ethnography-based art (references:
She also works on children illustrations, writing and illustrating stories for children.



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