Mariana mourato

Her artistic research focuses on the concepts of barriers and prohibitions, thinking of it as a body of work that expresses the recognition of a new kind of urban landscape.
From authorial photography, she paints scenarios and landscapes created from a set of objects, strangely, together. With photography, she captures moments and objects that make her feel strong sensations, the curiosity to know something new. She is interested in capturing objects found in abnormal positions, which transform their purpose in space and, from there, generate a new meaning in the physical world. She expresses recognition of a new kind of urban landscape, she incorporates common objects into the navigation and appreciation of spaces.
We have a need to feel control of personal affairs and what happens outside of our reach, it gives us comfort. This sense of order acts as a shield against the unpredictability of the chaos that is the world. Her work is an examination of the details evident in chaos and how they end up being part of normality.
She uses objects as common denominators of our urban environment and gives special focus to the theme of barriers, with everything that delimits. The inside from the outside, the skin that protects us from outside aggressions. What is socially accepted and what is not. What is morally accepted and what is not. What is ethically accepted and what is not. The thin line between sanity and its absence.



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