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The Gallery Joia – Ourivesaria de Sentimentos has on its walls has nearly 50 artists from eleven different countries (Portugal, Brazil, Italy, France, England, Spain, USA, China, Germany, Poland, Lithuania). So here you can read more about the artists, about their work and inspirations. Click on their profils !

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Nestor Jr. started his professional career in 2002. He has participated in several exhibitions – individual and collective – in Santa Catarina, São Paulo, Goiânia, Porto Alegre, Belo Horizonte and Salvador. Abroad, he showed his work in France, Portugal, Spain and Italy. His work, among other topics, addresses issues related to affective memories, sexuality, and gender.


Maria Eduarda Pasqualino is a Brazilian artist living in Lisbon. She expresses herself and her feelings in a very metaphorical way. Her art is focused on women’s power, spirituality, and especially the struggles in the journey to self-knowledge.



Amanda Vimieiro was born in 1990 in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, the city where she has lived most of her life. She studied Product Design and Fine Arts to finally find herself in tattooing as her main means of expression. She translates into her skin the beauties she sees in plants and animals. 


Carina Monso was born in Lisbon in the last summer of the 80s. She grew up drawing and for a time wanted to be a painter, but ended up graduating in Sculpture and Drawing. It was while she was at FBAUL (School of arts) that she realized what she wanted to be “when she was big”, illustrator.


Hanna Flachs is an illustration artist from Germany and her work is based on digital, mixed media and painting. Her main focus lies on the spiritual connection with oneself and interdependence of human beings with nature. Therefore, most her pieces are connected to themes such as self-love and mindfulness, climate activism and feminism.


Cátia Oliveira, better known as Catpivara was born on the 278th day of 1991. She spent her childhood in the middle of mountains, like Heidi, where she developed a peculiar interest
in chocolate and also in drawing. She has a degree in Graphic Design and a Master in Illustration and Animation from Instituto Politécnico do Cávado e do Ave.


Sylwia Kubus is an illustrator, visual artist and an animation director. Human being and his/her relationship with him/ herself as well as with nature is at the center of Sylwia’s work.
Strong color and mood are particularly important in her illustrations. Emotional relationship with every topic distinguishes her work. With equally strong emotionality, she paints landscapes and abstract compositions.


Diana Costa was born in Porto, Portugal, in 1992. Diana works between illustration, drawing, painting and mixed techniques. She likes to explore the relation between colors and black and white, textures and patterns, and different materials.


Aimée Pedezert is a french kraftworker living in Lisbon.  You can also find her work on bodies (tattooes) or in the streets (black and white posters glued all over). She calls herself Twotma, for This man This woman.


Born in Lisbon, Pedro Forte as known Corvus (CORVVS). His style can be described as extremely graphic, erotic, melancholic and romantic, privileging the exploration of themes such as: portraits, the nude, the queer/urban world, and the dreamlike. In illustration uses “cross-hatching” that is a technique based on engraving, but by means of bic pen (ballpoint) mostly black.


Sara is a Portuguese artist. The color blue is the basis of her work, maybe it is the color that best represents what she wants to say and feel, maybe you hear the question “Am I blue?” in Billie Holiday’s voice in her crafts.


Anaiaia is a Brazilian artist. 


ROD Aka Rodrigo Ribeiro Saturnino, is a PhD in sociology and visual artist. As a post-doc researcher at the University of Minho he is developing research on digital platforms and algorithmic racism. As a visual artist he works with street art, illustration, painting and drawing where he explores queer sexuality and homoeroticism as starting points for a critical activism that seeks to contest the idealizations around a masculinity.


Hiurma Lopez is a Canarian illustrator based in Paris. What inspires her the most is the colors and landscapes of back home, the dreams and especially women around her. Through her work, she tries to give visibility to the female strength, diversity and power. 


Ruben Ramires is a Portuguese artist based in Houston – Texas, USA. His diverse work includes mainly revealed and poetry. His art is autobiographical, melancholic and inspired by nature. He often employs thick lines, rough and exaggerated figures that aim to capture raw emotions.


Maria Isabel Queimado Murteira is a Portuguese artist based in Lisbon.


El Lanham is a Lisbon based artist and designer. His playful and varied style flirts between bookbinding, printmaking and tattooing. He is inspired by history, a love of words and an interest in queer narratives. El works on a range of projects, from fancy books to limited edition prints.  El is an associate artist at Colliding Lines and the co-founder of THEY TATTOO tattoo studio in Lisbon.


CARA TRANCADA is Carolina Lourenço  illustrator and designer. Her purpose is to empower and encourage sexual freedom, by deconstructing taboos and stigmas associated with women’s sexuality, linking sexuality to themes such as nature, the human body, especially the female, feminism, daily life, etc. ”


Eduardo Belga is a Brazilian artist based in Porto.


Jhon came from the jungle, free from any pre concepts thoughts or judgements.  At 32, coming from the Amazonian rain forest in Brazil, he is adventuring troughtout the painting, street art, design and music world, along with any other media that allows him to create his own world, without limits. 


Rutilene Martins was born in Xapuri in Brazil, She became a Portuguese national 18 years ago, and lives now in Sintra. Communicating, expressing and transmitting ideas has always been her desire, so she graduated in Communication Sciences with a specialization in Journalism, but words alone were not enough for what she needed to communicate, she studied Illustration for the Media.


Vital Lordelo is a Brazilian visual artist, born in 1984. He has been renting hearts since 2007 but it was even in 2012 that he passed an art poster with sentimental claims. His work connects drawing, painting, street art, illustration and the culture of the sticker. He believes that he fluctuates in these media and allows himself to be a visual artist. Vital sticks posters of hearts and symbols of life in the city as a proof that the city is made of concrete, steel and glass, it is really made of heart and pulse. 


She grew up in Vichy (Auvergne, France) and moved to Lisbon in 2016. She mostly works and experiments with different technics and mix media, such as ink, acrilyc, pencil, collage or digital. Her projects questions mental health, identity, feminism and the psychology of Self. She is studying Clinical Psychology. She intends to destigmatize mental diseases through her work. She likes doodling and telling stories about she sees and live everyday. She is currently working on cartoon projects.


Lau was born in the margem sul in 1994 and currently lives in Lisbon. She has been drawing since she was a little girl. She graduated in design and decided to follow her passion to be an illustrator. Her art is a way to honor the female figure and its connection with nature, representing her own world and emotions.


Visual artist, illustrator, poet of small things … She works part of the time in his Artes & Letras Atelier, a small laboratory of traditional typography, where techniques and ideas are fused (experimentally) that result in art objects (books, posters, postcards and much more).


Joana Molho is an illustrator and graphic designer who was born in Póvoa de Varzim in 1995. She graduated in multimedia design at UBI and after a year of pause full of individual work and self-knowledge about what she liked most in design, her love for illustration awoke. After starting the master’s degree in graphic design at ESAD cr and started to develop themes such as gender equality, the female world and self-love.


João Baffa is a Brazilian artist based in Lisbon. 


Maria Isabel queimado murteira is a portuguese artist based in Lisbon. 


Inês Viegas Oliveira is a portuguese artist.


Félix Rodrigues  is a visual artist from Faro, Portugal. Born in 1995, he climbed the country to Lisbon as soon as he could, to enter the painting course at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Lisbon. From there, he develops a varied set of work, including illustration, embroidery, installation, and tattooing.


Henriette Arcelin is a French illustrator and ceramicist, currently living between Lisbon and Paris. In her illustrations, she invents imaginary spaces, drawing inspiration from botany, natural history illustrations, and marine biology. In her work we can find some reminiscence of childhood, or the places she traveled or lived in, and various references to the folklore, textiles, and crafts from different parts of the world.


Sílvia Lézico (Moura, 1978) is a designer and illustrator. She always had a fascination for popular art, for its genuineness of shapes, textures and materials. In 2012, she began to develop a work inspired by one of the most significant Portuguese cultural values ​​- pastoral art – a heritage that he has explored in its contemporary artistic potential.


Luca is a brazilian artist. 


Malina Mayer (b. 1993). Documentary and fine arts photographer based in Münster, Germany. She is predominantly working and continuously experimenting with analogue techniques. Drawing from (auto-)ethnographic methods, her long-term projects address questions surrounding identity, memories and transgression. The dream-like often eerie aesthetics of her photographs are highly evocative of film noir, and inspired by her solitary walks — preferably at night, surrealist paintings and writings, and Greek mythology.


An illustrator and Brazilian fashion designer based in Porto, Jess likes to work experimenting with a mix of materials to create her portraits and patterns. A lover of colors, he is always inspired by the different aspects of nature and femininity, many cats and also the various personalities who cross her existence.


Brazilian designer and illustrator who seeks to find a space in the world of illustration by bringing themes from her everyday life, exploring techniques and textures.


Isadora Machado @pppaperplanes is a multidisciplinary artist exploring symbols, intuition and cosmic mysteries. Besides her creations that wander between drawing, painting & spaces she also offers Tarot readings (@isadoramtarot) with the intention to expand our vision and dive into our inner self.


Leticia Guimarães is 26 years old, she is from Rio de Janeiro and living in Portugal since the middle of 2017. She is an architecture student and started to do urban sketching at university in her observation drawing classes. Until now, this is her favorite type of drawing, in the streets, with people and life happening around.


Margarida Gonçalves is a Visual Artist based in Lisbon. Her practices include Illustration and drawing, – currently, she has stepped into the digital arts world experimenting with animated drawings and collages. In her work, Margarida explores the mundane and the everyday while questioning ideologias and cultural behaviours along the way.


Tomás De Castro Neves is architect and illustrator. He lives in Lisbon but passed through Porto and Mexico. His work focuses on the body and on relations with others. He contorts objects to give them emotion and integrates them into a context to give them a sense. He tries to make his images combine sexuality with a lethargic contemporary condition.


She is Italian, having lived in Lisbon, Portugal since 2007. While studying a degree in Philosophy she decided to dedicate her professional career to African Studies. Between 2005 and 2007 she lived in Maputo, Mozambique. In 2007 she left Maputo and moved to Lisbon, completing a PhD in Anthropology in 2013, with a dissertation on healing practices among Zion churches in Maputo, Mozambique. 


Klaus Reis is an illustrator and an Illustration teacher at Rural University of Rio de Janeiro. He is cuerently accomplishing a PhD of Drawing at the Fine arts in Lisbon University. He self published his illustrations in risography in illustrated books.


Maria Moik is an illustrator from Poland. She has been developing her work with the goal of touching people’s hearts, appealing to their best emotions and bringing them closer together, focusing on the magic and love existing in the world. Her latest works are mainly presenting her perspective of Lisbon and Portuguese culture. Other repetitive elements are portraits and nature.


Marija Reikalas is a graphic artist. Her bold, minimal style, often described as messy minimal, is easily recognizable in the use of positive/negative space. Inspired by nature, tropical plants, wild animals, myths and naked human body she invites you to the sensible world of the night in the jungle. It’s all about high contrast and bold but elegant line. Her dreamscapes come alive in their simplicity without any separation from where they came from – wild nature of human mind.



Pedro Fragoso, visual artist, born in 1985, in the city of Santiago do Cacém, Alentejo, Portugal. His creative process takes place from the abstraction between urban expression and the bucolic landscape. Painting and drawing live a symbiotic relationship between the inner being and the body of the world. The rhythm, the line and the color are intrinsic characteristics resulting from his passage through graffiti. 


Constança aka c’marie (b.1992) is a portuguese visual artist. She uses different media to express herself, alternating between sculpture, drawing, watercolor and acrylic painting, mural painting and more recently, digital painting. When asked about the nature of her drawings, she says that she sees them as an introspection, a sensitive but awake and conscious state – as when no one looks at us, when we are seated on the subway bench, lost in ourselves, in our distant ramblings – then our naked selves, more raw, sincere and real, flourish.


Her artistic research focuses on the concepts of barriers and prohibitions, thinking of it as a body of work that expresses the recognition of a new kind of urban landscape. From authorial photography, she paints scenarios and landscapes created from a set of objects, strangely, together. With photography, she captures moments and objects that make her feel strong sensations, the curiosity to know something new. She is interested in capturing objects found in abnormal positions, which transform their purpose in space and, from there, generate a new meaning in the physical world. 


Eva Carolina is a Portuguese artist. 


Luciana Bastos is a Brazilian artist. 


Sofia Terçarolli is a Brazilian artist.


Carolina Nogueira is a Brazilian artist. 


Alicia is a French artist. 


Fernando Anghinoni is a Brazilian artist


Elena Sanmiguel Urbina (Logroño, Espanha 1984), tirou o Bacharelato Artístico e um Curso Superior de Ilustração e Desenho Gráfico na Escola de Artes e Ofícios de Logroño. Preparou o seu ingresso em Belas Artes na Academia do artista Demetrio Navaridas. Continuou a sua formação em Madrid onde estudou Belas Artes na Universidade Complutense.
Em 2011 ganhou uma bolsa de estudos que lhe permitiu terminar os seus estudos na Universidade de Belas Artes de Lisboa. E foi nesta cidade, atraída pela sua calma e luz, que encontrou a inspiração necessária para continuar o seu trabalho artístico.
Expôs individualmente e coletivamente entre Espanha e Portugal. Das suas exposições individuais em Portugal destaca “Querer ficar” (2013), “Retratos” (2014) e “Somos todos a mesma coisa” (2017).
Realizou diversos trabalhos de auto-edição e entre eles destaca, em 2018, a Baraja Republicana (Baralho de Cartas Republicano).
Atualmente reparte a sua faceta artística entre várias atividades relacionadas com as artes plásticas e visuais.
Durante dois anos, com o apoio da Junta de freguesia de São Vicente, lecionou aulas de pintura dirigidas a crianças, e continua a dar aulas individuais no seu atelier. Assim como workshops com os mais pequenos em diferentes espaços.
Colabora com a revista francófona “Lisboéte” onde, trimestralmente, ilustra um artigo de cariz histórico.
Em 2019 foi convidada a participar no Festival “Lo Visual”(Espanha) onde apresentou a sua coleção “Retratos”. Trabalhou como assistente de arte do escultor Matthias Contzen para a sua última exposição em Paris, “Shapes in silence” (2019). Em 2020 ganha o primeiro prémio no festival de arte urbana CALLE, em Madrid, com sua instalação “Retratos” e foi selecionada para participar no festival de arte mural Camprovinarte (Espanha) onde pintou “La casa de la Catalina”.
Em outubro de 2020 é selecionada para participar no festival “PintaMalasaña” e ganha o primeiro prémio no concurso “Talentos urbanos de Mahou” em Madrid.
Em 2021 participa no festival de arte urbana “Crea” de Alcobendas com uma instalação efémera dos seus retratos sobre vidro.
A residência artística ”Conviver na arte” convida-a para pintar as portas do Teatro Municipal de Portalegre (Portugal). Dentro deste programa de intercâmbio Espanha-Portugal viaja até Córdoba para realizar os retratos dos artistas residentes na “Fundación Antonio Gala” (Espanha)
No verão de 2021 é convidada pela direção do encontro de arte “Bañarte” (Espanha) para pintar um mural sobre a gastronomia da região.

O seu trabalho é bastante versátil, caracterizando-se pelo seu traço firme e intuitivo, bem como pelas cores vivas que utiliza. De forma autónoma e dinâmica participa regularmente em feiras gráficas e em mercados populares, permitindo-lhe realizar uma das suas grandes paixões, o retrato. Durante 5 anos trabalhou na famosa Feira da Ladra de Lisboa onde, a cada sábado, retratou as pessoas que ali passaram. Considera-se uma retratista urbana e faz desta arte, há alguns anos, a sua profissão.
A pandemia obrigou-a a reinventar seu trabalho realizando seus retratos ao vivo por vídeo chamada. Também apostou por participar em festivais urbanos como muralista e intervir com retratos sobre vidrios com muito sucesso.

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Sara Tristão, born and raised on Madeira Island and since 2010 lives in Lisbon. She studied Painting at FBAUL.


Manuel is a Brazilian Artist based in Lisbon. 


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